With operations in the UK and Dublin, Ireland, WJD Repair  caters to corporate, retailers, recyclers and insurance clients, offering device sales, device buyback and streamlined repair services which prioritise sustainability and value add cost-effectiveness. With a focus on bulk repairs, we have processes and workflows to handle large volumes of devices efficiently to service bulk recyclers and insurance clients. We prioritise repair over replacement and always look to refurbish parts rather than simply replacing parts, thus reducing electronic waste and promoting environmental sustainability. We offer tailored solutions for clients to optimise repair costs while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our streamlined processes, dedicated resources, and knowledgeable repair teams enable us to expedite the repair process, minimising downtime and ensuring swift repairs for your bulk devices. We provide comprehensive diagnostic reporting and documentation for each device repaired. This includes detailed records of repairs performed, component replacements, and device condition reports ensuring full device traceability. Our team works closely with clients to develop customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that align with your specific needs.




Established in 2004 BlackBelt Smartphone Defence provides end-to-end device lifecycle solutions including; smartphone data handling and security, diagnostics and trade-in and wireless apps across a variety of industries. Our software solutions are fully customisable and integrated across every touchpoint, enabling businesses to increase efficiency,  streamline processes, and encourage scalability. With over 25 million devices processed every year, our diverse product range can be tailored for Consumers, Retail, Warehouse and Aftercare services seamlessly whilst enhancing automation. Our mission is to enable wholesalers, retailers, enterprises, recyclers and warehouse operations to process high volumes of used devices at speed with world-renowned data wipe and diagnostic products.